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Old Pulteney enthüllt den 1990 Vintage – WHISKYFANBLOG.DE

Old Pulteney enthüllt den 1990 Vintage

Nach­fol­gend die eng­li­sche Pressemitteilung:

Old Pul­te­ney Sin­gle Malt Scotch Whis­ky proud­ly pres­ents the latest limi­ted addi­ti­on to its award-win­ning ran­ge – the 1990 vin­ta­ge. The new whis­ky from the Nort­hern High­land distil­le­ry fol­lows a string of recent high­ly suc­cess­ful relea­ses, inclu­ding Old Pul­te­ney 40 Year Old and the tra­vel-retail-exclu­si­ve Light­house Collection.

Old Pulteney 1990 Vintage

Old Pulteney 1990 Bottle and TubeOld Pul­te­ney 1990 Vin­ta­ge is a matu­re and full-fla­vou­red addi­ti­on to the port­fo­lio. It’s burs­t­ing with the coas­tal mari­ti­me cha­rac­ter, the depth and the com­ple­xi­ty found in other expres­si­ons, while offe­ring an inte­res­ting twist which is sure to exci­te and delight sin­gle malt drin­kers around the world. The 1990 Vin­ta­ge was matu­red in both Ame­ri­can ex-bour­bon casks and Spa­nish ex-sher­ry casks which were pre­vious­ly used for age­ing hea­vi­ly peated malt. This resi­du­al pea­ti­ness has added an unex­pec­ted dimen­si­on and allo­wed the whis­ky to deve­lop an exqui­si­te­ly rich and exci­ting tas­te profile.

Old Pul­te­ney 1990 Vin­ta­ge is bot­t­led at 46% ABV. The whis­ky has not been chill-fil­te­red and is pre­sen­ted at its beau­ti­ful natu­ral colour. It’s a strict­ly limi­ted offe­ring, only 900 cases of this uni­que spi­rit will be made avail­ab­le world-wide from Novem­ber 2013. The recom­men­ded retail pri­ce in the UK is £120.

The Maritime Malt

Old Pul­te­ney 1990 Vin­ta­ge was matu­red for around 23 years, from the 1990 to 2013, in Pul­te­ney Distillery’s wareh­ouses in the town of Wick, right on the winds­wept Caith­ness coast. The nort­hern, coas­tal loca­ti­on of the distil­le­ry and its bond­ed wareh­ouses plays a vital role in deve­lo­ping Old Pulteney’s unmistaka­ble character.

The town of Wick whe­re Pul­te­ney Distil­le­ry was estab­lis­hed in 1826, was once a busy her­ring fishing port with as many as 1,000 ves­sels in its har­bour at peak times. In-kee­ping with Old Pulteney’s mari­ti­me heri­ta­ge, the 1990 Vin­ta­ge is pre­sen­ted in a tube fea­turing a ship decking effect, a port­ho­le stamp and Old Pulteney’s clas­sic her­ring drifter.

Old Pul­te­ney Seni­or Brand Mana­ger, Mar­ga­ret Mary Clar­ke commented:

“After a very exci­ting year for the brand, which inclu­ded a glo­bal part­ners­hip with Clip­per Round the World Race, it’s gre­at to finish off 2013 by adding a very spe­cial expres­si­on to our award-win­ning port­fo­lio. With its eye catching mari­ti­me design and rich inten­se tas­te, we are con­fi­dent that the 1990 Vin­ta­ge will be a hit with glo­bal whis­ky connoisseurs.”

Jörg Bechtold beschäftigt sich seit Ende der 90er Jahre mit Single Malt Whisky. Auf mehreren Reisen nach Schottland hat er Land und Leute kennengelernt sowie viele Destillerien besucht. 2002 hatte er die WHISKYFANPAGE.DE begründet, seit 2006 schreibt er dieses Blog und ist außerdem als Referent für Whisky-Tastings tätig.